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February 16-19, 2024 | Messe München
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NACAR Precision Watch Since 1929

NACAR watches started to be manufactured in 1929 in Switzerland by ZILA WATCH CO. established in 1927 in La Heutte. NACAR watches entered the Turkish market in 1942 by the enterprise of Kevork and Ohannes brothers.

NACAR brand bought by KONYALI Group with all global rights and re-launched its collection in 1994 with highest quality standarts.

Now with INHORGENTA fair we are willing to extend our collection to European Customers.

NACAR having -4- lines of watch collection with sporty, trendy, elegant and classic models carry 160 SKU' s in its collection and can meet all European customer taste with its modern traditionnal design.

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Omer Faruk Tanatar

90 544 306 6673