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February 24-27, 2023 | Messe München
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The new Staudt Prelude Automatic (P26.223)
Category: Watches and clocks + Accessories

Staudt Chronometrie B.V.

The new Staudt Prelude Automatic (P26.223)

Yvo Staudt never wanted to own a high-end mechanical watch brand. Instead he wanted to become the best accordeon player. During his study at the Conservatory in Italy, he sought for his perfect mechanical watch out of an attempt to escape loneliness. Three conditions were pivotal to him: a watch needed to be blue, understated, and of top quality. His first Prelude Hand Wound, which he wore at a watch-collectors event, drew attention: before he knew he had sold 45 pieces. 

In the past few years he noticed that all people who wear a Staudt have something in common. For them, too, the watch is a marker of a phase, a memory or a celebration. To Yvo that’s a great compliment. With the introduction of the brand-spanking new Prelude Automatic, it is now possible to personalise a watch with a text on the dial, initials on the crown and engravings on the back case. 

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