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February 24-27, 2023 | Messe München
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When Chloé meets Sweety
Category: Jewelry and accessories


When Chloé meets Sweety

BIGLI jewelry always makes a statement, celebrating the milestones in your life
and showing your delight in the every day.
To celebrate our 25th anniversary, we have merged two BIGLI classics to create
a timeless, new design with a typical BIGLI twist.
Our classic MINI SWEETY and CHLOÉ are both known for their distinctive shapes
and joyful colors. When elegantly paired in our new BIGLI anniversary piece,
the smooth and bubbly shape of the MINI SWEETY looks stunning
with the organic and eye catching CHLOÉ.
One iconic shape is framed by a subtle gold border, while the other floats on air.
And their unique color stones give it a joyful and everlasting appeal.
Every aspect of this iconic new ring highlights 25 years of BIGLI’s design,
craftsmanship, and passion.
Classic BIGLI.