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February 24-27, 2023 | Messe München
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Cervera: Jewelry trend Atelier in Barcelona
Category: Jewelry and accessories

Cervera Barcelona

Cervera: Jewelry trend Atelier in Barcelona

From his Atelier in Barcelona, Cervera proposes a collection of unique pieces, elaborated in an absolutely handmade way, for a free-spirited, stylish, nonconforist woman, attracted by beauty, quality, luxury and elegance without ostentation.

Our brand essence can be described as a formular of alloy of gold composition:

19% purity : maximum quality and precision, thanks to a delicate artisanal process that takes care of every detail and ensures the uniqueness of each piece

5% Mystery : with each new coleection, we are inspired by the latest trends and the beauty we find around us

76% Eternity: weaccompany women at every moment , with each piece of jewelry we help them to write the story of their life