Europas führende Plattform für Schmuck, Uhren und Edelsteine
24.-27. Februar 2023 | Messe München
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Nature Details
Kategorie: Schmuck und Zubehör

Little Nothing - Paula Castro

Nature Details

Simplicity, transparency, and honesty: for me, main aspects in our life and when we live and communicate to others. Nature shows us these features all the time with its beauty, irregularity, diversity as well with its delicacy, fragility, and ephemerality. Many humans forget that we belong to Nature. Humans are not a "separate thing". And if humans do not take care of Nature, of the Planet, will suffer the consequences of not respecting and killing Nature. These pieces are just raw Nature. I do appreciate and I feel it is important to carry raw nature as it is. And for me, the well-being that raw Nature can give us is priceless and... most of the time we just forget it and that we are part of it.